Fiji village etiquette

When visiting a fiji village it is customary to present a gift of yaqona, which is also known as kava. The gift, called a sevusevu, is not expensive; half-a-kilo (which is appropriate) costs approximately $15.

It is presented to the Turaga ni Koro, the executive head of the fiji village. The presentation is usually in his house and will generally be attended by some of the older men who happen to be in the vicinity at the time and can quickly turn into a social occasion.
Pounded into powder, the yaqona will be mixed with water and served.

It is important to dress modestly when away from the immediate vicinity of your Fiji resort or hotel.
Always carry a sulu (sarong, lavalava, pareu) to cover bathing togs or shorts and halter tops.

Fijians are known as the friendliest people in the world. Your respect for their Fiji customs and traditions will not only make you a welcome guest in their villages and homes, but add another dimension to your Fijian holiday.