Let’s Speak Fijian!

The letter "b" is prononounced "mb" Therefore, Bure is "mBure"
The letter "d" is prononounced "nd" Therefore, Nadi is "Nandi"
The letter "q" is prononounced "ng" Therefore, Beqa Island is "mBenga Island"
The letter "c" is prononounced "th" Therefore, Caneili is "Thaneili"
The letter "i" is prononounced "ee" like reef, Viti Levu is "Veetee Lehvu"

"Bula""Hello" (like “bless you!’)
"Ni Sa Bula or Bula Vinaka" A warm "hello"
“Yadra” (Yandra) Good morning!
“Moce” (moceh) Goodbye/Goodnight
“Vinaka” (vinakah) Thank you
"Io" (pronounced "eo") - yes
"Kere Kere" Please
"Vinaka" Thank You
"Vinaka Vakelevu" Thank you very much
"Turaga-ni-koro" (TOO-rung-her-nee-KOHRAW) – Village Head
"Matanivanua" (Matah-nee-vah-NOO-WAH) – Aide or spokesman of the chief
"Mataqali" (Martar-garli) – Fijian clan or landowning unit
"Qaloqalovi" (Garlo-Garlo-VEE) – Traditional ceremony of Welcome
"Yagona" (Yah-GOH-nah) – root of a pepper plant – Piper Methysticum
"Tanoa" (TAR-noah) – kava large wooden bowl cared from the trunk of the vesi(Ve-SEE) tree.
"Vau" (VAR-woo) – bark of vau plant processed and shredded into fine strands and used as strainer of yaqona or coconut milk
"Bilo" (BEE-law) – special shaped cup made from half of coconut shell and well sandpapered, black in color and used for drinking kava or yaqona.
"Cobo" (THAW-Bhoh) – clapping of hands with the deep sound by cupping the hands.
"Kana vinaka" Delicious food!
"Tulou" (toolow) Excuse me; used when crossing in front of, or behind a seated person and when reaching above a person’s head.
"Vakamalua" (vakah mah loo-wah) Slowly
"Dua tale" (Doer Tahleh) – One more!
"Sulu" (SOO-loo) – wrap-around waist cloth
"Lovo" underground oven
"Lali" (LAH-lee) – wooden drum in different sizes: biggest one is 2-3 feet in diameter is used as church-service bell – small ones as accompaniment for action songs
"Sau" (SAR-ou) – coconut fibre of about 2 feet long ornamented with three cowrie white shells at the end attached to the front of the tanoa.
"Tapa" Traditional Fijian cloth used to wear at weddings
"Tabua" (Tam-BOO-wah) – Whale’s tooth
"Masi" (Mar-SEE) paper made of mulberry tree (traditional cloth)